Dvorak Anywhere

Using someone else's computer and can't switch it to Dvorak?

Dvorak Anywhere is a tool that enables you to use the Dvorak keyboard when the computer is set to QWERTY. It's useful if you can't change the settings of your computer at work or school, or if you're using a friend's or family member's computer. Just go to this page, http://www.theworldofstuff.com/dvorak/dvorak.html, and type how you would with Dvorak in the box below. The correct text will appear. (A picture of the layout is included also, if you need to look.) Then you can copy and paste the text where you want it to go. For the ultimate in portability, you could save this web page on an external hard drive and take it with you anywhere you might need it.

The Dvorak keyboard layout

Known Problems

See also: Dvorak International Anywhere by Enrique Pedroso.

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