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2013: The Year in Review

Tue Dec 31, 2013 15:36 (UTC -8)

Just as you were expecting, here’s my 11th annual (?!) Year in Review. Was 2013 a year to remember? What were the highlights? Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Let’s find out!

I started this year in the same place that I ended the last one: in St. Petersburg. Katya and I went out a bit too late to see the fireworks, but we did get to see Russia’s second city celebrate its biggest holiday. Then I said goodbye to her, hoping to see her again someday.

In April, The World of Stuff celebrated its 10th birthday with a new design that features the Seattle skyline.

In July, my family came to visit, and in August, I went to Canada for Natasha’s wedding.

Also in August, an artist who lived in my apartment building was selling a bunch of his work because he was moving out. I saw something that I liked: a sort of collage of found materials (vinyl flooring and wood) called Attitude. So I bought it, and the artist even helped me hang it up over the fireplace in my living room.

"Attitude" hanging in my living room

I stayed in Seattle for Thanksgiving, but I spent almost two weeks with my family in Florida for Christmas. I just got back yesterday, and today I’m getting ready to host a party. I’ll have a great view of the fireworks from my place, as I did the last time I was here for New Year’s, two years ago.

So, what’s the verdict on 2013? Not much noteworthy happened that I didn’t write about. During my stay in Florida, I had a lot of time reflect on that and think about New Year’s resolutions.

But I’ll leave that discussion for later; right now I have a party to get ready for.

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