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2012: The Year in Review

Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:54 (UTC -8)

I wasn’t going to do this, since I’ve hardly blogged at all this year, but I might as well since I have a little time. I’ll forego the traditional bullet format with links and just go through the year by memory since I haven’t necessarily written about all of this anyway.

I started 2012 on my balcony in Seattle with a couple of friends; Katya was there too, but she was getting some much-needed sleep. She would soon go back to Russia for a few weeks, only to return to Seattle to stay with me for almost three months. We mostly stayed at home, but we did manage to visit my friend Luke and his girlfriend Carmela in Oregon before they moved to Tennessee.

In May, I went to Florida for my sister’s wedding and played a very special part: I performed all the music (two songs) on guitar. Also that month, I had lived in Seattle and been at my job for one year. I didn’t celebrate or anything, but I could have.

I did celebrate the Fourth of July by having a bunch of friends over: almost everyone I knew outside of work, in fact. Later in the month, I had a subdued birthday celebration in which I went to one of my favorite bars (whaaat jrodon u have a favorutie bar????!?!?!?!) with my friend Nick.

My friend Kevin spent the night at my place when he got bumped from one of his flights on the way from Florida to Seoul. That prompted me to open my place up to CouchSurfers after a hiatus.

In September, I met up with Katya in Sweden, and from there we went to Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia, where I returned to the island where some of my family had originally come from—all in half a month. Shortly after, Katya and I were no longer in a relationship, but we remained good friends.

In October, my sister and my brother-in-law made a spontaneous visit. They only came for a weekend, but we had a lot of fun. That was the last I saw of my family until Christmas; I spent Thanksgiving alone, but I didn’t mind. I arrived in Florida on Christmas Eve and spent a few enjoyable days with my folks. And they live in northern Florida, so they are folks indeed.

After that, I came to spend the New Year holidays with Katya in Saint Petersburg, and that’s where I am now. We tried to stream the Russian New Year countdown online since we’re in a a place that doesn’t have TV, but we missed it. Nevertheless, I did take part in the Russian tradition of eating tangerines; it dates back to Soviet times, when they were a luxury item.

So, technically I’m cheating with this post since it’s 2013 already where I am. But don’t let that bother you.

During 2013, I will try to blog more. And floss every day. I probably won’t blog every day, but this post has reminded me that a lot of things still happen to me that are worth writing about.

And sorry if I missed anything.

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