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Get awarded

Sun Apr 13, 2008 21:06 (UTC -5)

On Friday night I went out to dinner with some people from Get Carded, the organ donor awareness organization I’m in. After we put on our end-of-the-year concert, there was nothing left to do but celebrate. So we went to On the Border, a Mexican place that I went to once about 5 or 6 years ago.

Not everybody was there, but some people I knew were. After we ate (good food, by the way), there were the obligatory photos. Michael, one of the co-presidents, had an award to give out. Printed on his computer, was the “Volunteer of the Year” award, and it was given to… me! I couldn’t believe it. Actually, I kind of could, but it was still a little hard to believe. Apparently I was the only person who helped out at all of Get Carded’s events this year. I also got a gift card for Moe’s, which is this extremely popular Mexican-type place. Many people would envy the $10 in Moe’s cash I now wield.

But anyway, I really appreciated the award (even though Michael and Jehan, the other co-president, forgot to sign it before they gave it to me). I have it hanging on the fridge now. Hopefully there will be some competition for the award next year. That would be great for the group.

UF‘s spring football game was yesterday. It’s called the Orange and Blue Game after the school colors. The Gators split into Orange and Blue teams, and they played each other. They get a chance to show off their talent, and the fans get their football fix until August.

I figured it would be a pretty big thing, but I didn’t know it was going to be on ESPN. Actually, by the day of the event, I did know. I had planned on watching it on TV, but I decided to go instead because it was going on about a block away and, as my roommate said, 50,000 fans would be mad at me if they found out I didn’t go.

The game was pretty informal. There were 44 minutes of play, with no penalties or anything. (A referee did throw a flag once, but I think it was due to force of habit. He just picked it up without saying anything.) The coaches were just chilling there out on the field, watching each play closely. The players went pretty easy on each other, and there was no tackling the quarterbacks. (The team doesn’t want to get hurt playing against itself, you know.) After each field goal or extra point, the kicker would try it again at varying distances, just for giggles.

The atmosphere was likewise relaxed. Even though the stadium wasn’t packed to capacity, there were still a lot of people there, and I saw some people I knew. Everybody had a good time, although some people left early. I can’t blame them. The sun was bright. Even though I was wearing a hat and the game lasted less than two hours, I got sunburned like whoa. But I’m glad I went. I had a pretty good time.

The final score was Blue 28, Orange 14. Also: The Sun 1, Jordon 0.

Yesterday evening (actually more like the late afternoon), I got inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma honor society. It wasn’t anything big, really. They had a room that was way too small for all the inductees and their guests. Fortunately, the whole thing didn’t last very long. They said a few words, and then they called each person up to get a pin. Then it was a free-for-all as people lined up to get their certificates. My family came to the induction, and then we had dinner. I had lunch with them again today (at Moe’s) before they left.

So now I have an official-looking Phi Eta Sigma certificate and pin. I can wear the pin whenever I want to look important, and people will think I’m in some fraternity that secretly rules the world. They probably won’t know that it’s just an honor society that does community service every now and then.

Here’s an Ask Jordon question.

Carol: Is it possible for you to see when someone is visiting your site? Like me right now?

As with most web sites, accesses to files on this site are logged, mainly for statistics purposes and my own amusement. I can tell which IP addresses have visited the site, and what browsers and operating systems they correspond with (although all of that information can be faked). When you submit an Ask Jordon question, your IP address and browser/OS information are sent as well. I can tell that your ISP is Verizon and that you’re using IE 7 on Windows XP (if your browser isn’t lying), but that’s about it.

With regards to the story I posted last time about Illinois state representative Monique Davis, she has apologized — though not publicly — for her bigoted tirade.

Can’t decide between Clinton or Obama? Here’s a Democratic Primary Quiz (Flash).

Here are photos of 10 Interesting Abandoned Places.

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your team is too nice on each other. at our spring game the boys were throwing punches out on the field and tackling each other left and right, even after the play was over.

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