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The last night

Fri Jan 04, 2008 20:21 (UTC -5)

Tonight’s my last night home for winter break, but I’m not returning to the dorm just yet. I’ll be staying with family tomorrow, so I’ll be back to school on Sunday. Class starts Monday. I see here that the UF bookstore is closed on the weekends, which kind of stinks because I’ve ordered books there, and I need to pick them up. Hopefully, they’ll be open on Sunday. Considering all of the students coming back this weekend, they’d better… or I’ll give them a knuckle sandwich.

Overall, the break has been pretty nice. I did most of things I wanted to do. But all good things must come to an end. I guess I should focus on all the good things about the coming semester: having no class on Tuesdays, having 150 dining hall meals and $330 to spend on other food and stuff, chillaxing in the dorm with the suitemates… stuff like that. You know, the things that don’t involve thinking or going to class.

I had a good time today, as it happens. I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant with some friends from high school: Ed, Allison, Allison’s sister, and Susann. Ed was nice enough to give me a ride; we live near each other. It was good to see everyone. I wish more people had been able to go, but that’s how it goes sometimes. At any rate, I know I’ll be back here for spring break (March 8-16), and possibly the Martin Luther King Day weekend (January 19-21). I never have time to do anything when I’m home for three-day weekends, though, so it looks like fun plans will have to wait for spring break. Those are the only two holidays of the spring semester.

When I wrote The Dvorak Keyboard and You to promote awareness of the Dvorak keyboard, I had no idea how many people would come across the site and switch to Dvorak (or at least consider it). Now I sort of have an idea: a lot. That’s the great thing about having articles on your web site. You can say what you want people to hear, and people will find them. I don’t need to promote Dvorak very much because the article does it for me.

When I started using Linux last year, I knew that having an article about it on my site would be a great way to make people aware of Linux-based operating systems. I figured I should allow myself at least six months of Linux experience before writing about it in such a way. I passed that mark in August, so over the past few months I’ve been working on the article intermittently. Actually, I wrote about half of it on a bus in October, and I resolved to finish it at home during winter break.

And after having my Linux-using friends look over the page, I decided it was ready. Late last night, I finished it, except that I hadn’t come up with a title. I spent quite a while trying to think of a good one. Finally, in a sudden stroke of inspiration, I came up with a catchy phrase that I felt best summed up the article. With that, I invite you to Free Your Computer with Linux.

J-Walk of the J-Walk Blog plotted the results of yesterday’s Iowa caucus against each candidate’s estimated campaign spending. It’s interesting to see the correlation between campaign spending and votes received. He also gives the “cost per vote” for some of the candidates.

Think pollution isn’t a problem? Read about the huge agglomerations of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean and how they might affect you.

Here are ten fun facts about dreams.


Excellent Linux article! I’m still not likely to switch to Linux anytime soon, but your article is a great intro to what Linux is and why it’s a good alternative.

#1 by Kirsten: Fri Jan 04, 2008 23:10 (UTC -5)

Hey Jordon, sorry I couldn’t make it to the get-together. I was straigtening some things out at the college in West Palm. I asked Susann to give you my apologies.

So yeah, back to school. My bookstore was closed as well, and they aren’t opening back up until Monday. That place is gonna be packed as a can of fish Tomorrow.

#2 by Justin: Sun Jan 06, 2008 03:00 (UTC -5)

Subtract the capitalization of the word ‘tomorrow’ from the above comment.

#3 by Justin: Sun Jan 06, 2008 03:02 (UTC -5)

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